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The Dutch Institute reveals the truth of the petty-minded horse trading that goes on behind closed doors in the Netherlands’ most hallowed workplace: the corridors of the State administration that house those who wield power over healthcare. The Dutch Institute is holding democracy hostage. – The National Cancer Fund

When this is true, the medical world has a problem. –

Spin-doctors in power. Cooper, the chairman of The Dutch Institute believes unerringly in his centralized package. With the help of his elite Sounding Board, Cooper is a master at manipulating advisory committees. He is blind to the fact that what he is chiefly doing is protecting his own job, while everybody else is losing it. Well done, applause for authors! – Concerned Mothers

The claustrophobic setting for The Dutch Institute presents a political elite who use the state healthcare system for their own good. People are led to believe that the mandatory basic package gives good healthcare for everyone. This is not true. The powerful state institutes are good for providing top jobs for ex-politicians, but bad for patients and employment. Hopefully this book will help in managing change. – Big Pharma executive